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7 Best Gym Shoes In 2024

The gym serves as a space for individuals to engage in physical activity, work up a sweat, and enhance their overall well-being and physical condition. Regardless of whether your focus lies in weightlifting, treadmill running, or partaking in group fitness classes, it is essential to equip yourself with a pair of specialized shoes designed specifically for the demands of gym workouts. Within the following discourse, we shall delve into the concept of gym shoes, elucidate their significance, provide guidance on selecting the ideal pair, and reveal the top seven gym shoes available in 2024.

What are gym shoes and why do you need them?

Gym shoes are shoes that are specifically made for gym workouts. They have some features that make them different from regular shoes, such as:

The difference between gym shoes and regular shoes

  • Gym shoes prioritize enhanced stability and support in their design. They achieve this by incorporating added reinforcement and structural elements on the sides and heel of the shoe, which effectively prevent your foot from rolling or slipping when you engage in multidirectional movements. In contrast, regular shoes primarily focus on promoting forward motion, a feature often insufficient for the dynamic demands of gym workouts.
  • Furthermore, gym shoes are engineered to offer greater flexibility and responsiveness. This is achieved through the incorporation of an increased number of grooves and segments on the sole of the shoe, facilitating your foot’s natural ability to flex and pivot when transitioning between different speeds or changing directions. Regular shoes may not offer the same degree of flexibility and responsiveness, potentially limiting your overall range of motion and performance.
  • Another notable attribute of gym shoes is their emphasis on breathability and comfort. These shoes typically feature a higher utilization of mesh or perforated materials on the shoe’s upper, which promotes efficient ventilation and moisture-wicking capabilities to keep your feet cool and dry. In contrast, regular shoes may not offer the same level of breathability and comfort, potentially leading to issues such as overheating and excess perspiration during workouts.

The benefits of wearing gym shoes

By wearing gym shoes, you can enjoy some benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing your performance is a pivotal advantage of investing in the right gym shoes. With their superior stability, support, flexibility, and responsiveness, you can navigate your workout sessions with increased speed, confidence, and overall comfort. This not only translates to better results but also helps you steer clear of potential injuries and workout-related fatigue that could otherwise impede your progress.
  • Additionally, the durability and resilience of gym shoes play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your footwear. Their robust materials are adept at withstanding the rigors of the gym floor, resisting damage and wear caused by friction and impact. This longevity saves you money by reducing the frequency with which you need to purchase new shoes, making it a sound investment for your fitness journey.
  • Furthermore, gym shoes offer a unique avenue for expressing your personality and style. With a diverse range of colors, designs, and brands to choose from, you can select a pair of shoes that aligns with your personal preferences and fashion sensibilities. This not only allows you to stand out from the crowd but also showcases your individual flair and identity in the gym environment.

How to choose the best gym shoes for your workout?

Now that you know what are gym shoes and why you need them, you may wonder how to choose the best pair for your workout. There are some factors that you should consider when buying gym shoes, such as:

Your foot type and size

Your first step in selecting the right gym shoes should involve measuring both the length and width of your foot and identifying your specific foot type. There are three primary foot types: neutral, pronated, and supinated.

  1. Neutral Foot Type: In this case, your foot boasts a regular arch and proper alignment. You have the flexibility to choose any gym shoe that provides a comfortable fit.
  2. Pronated Foot Type: If you have a pronated foot type, your foot exhibits a low arch or is flat, often leading to an inward roll when you walk or run. To address this, it’s crucial to opt for gym shoes that offer increased stability and support on the inner side of the shoe. This helps prevent overpronation, reducing the risk of injuries.
  3. Supinated Foot Type: Supinated feet come with a high arch and a tendency to roll outward during walking or running. In such cases, the ideal gym shoe should incorporate extra cushioning and flexibility on the outer side of the shoe. This setup is designed to counter underpronation and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

If you prefer an alternative method to determine your foot type, you can perform a wet test. This straightforward procedure entails wetting your foot and stepping on a piece of paper. By comparing the resulting footprint’s shape to reference images, you can gain insight into your specific foot type.

![Foot types]

The workout activity and intensity

The next crucial factor to consider is the nature of your gym workouts and their intensity, along with the corresponding features your gym shoes should possess. Gym activities vary widely, and your choice should align with your specific exercise regimen:

  1. Weightlifting: This type of workout involves lifting heavy weights or engaging in resistance exercises. For weightlifting, it’s essential to opt for gym shoes that prioritize stability and support. These shoes help maintain proper foot alignment and balance when lifting. A low or flat heel is ideal, as it allows for increased contact with the ground, aiding in generating more force.
  2. Running: Running on a treadmill or indoor track requires gym shoes with ample cushioning and shock absorption. These features work to mitigate the impact on your joints and muscles as you run. In addition to cushioning, running shoes should exhibit flexibility and responsiveness, enabling you to make swift speed and direction changes with ease.
  3. Cardio: Cardio workouts, which encompass aerobic activities like cycling, rowing, skipping, or jumping, necessitate gym shoes with enhanced breathability and comfort. These features help in keeping your feet cool and dry, especially during sweat-inducing sessions. Moreover, shoes designed for cardio workouts should offer superior traction and grip to prevent slipping or sliding on the gym floor.
  4. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): HIIT sessions, characterized by high-intensity exercises like burpees, squats, lunges, and push-ups, demand gym shoes with heightened durability and resistance. These shoes can withstand the rigorous movements typical of HIIT workouts. Additionally, they should provide stability and support to prevent your feet from rolling or twisting when executing various multidirectional movements.

By aligning your gym shoe choice with your workout type and intensity, you can optimize your performance and safeguard your comfort and safety during each session.

The durability and cushioning

The third crucial aspect to contemplate when selecting gym shoes is their durability and cushioning, both of which profoundly influence the shoes’ longevity and comfort.

Durability: This pertains to the gym shoe’s ability to withstand the rigors of gym workouts. It’s imperative to opt for gym shoes crafted from robust materials like rubber, leather, or synthetic leather for the shoe’s upper and outsole. Additionally, seek out gym shoes with reinforced elements like toe caps, heel counters, or midfoot shanks in areas prone to wear and tear.

Cushioning: Cushioning is all about the gym shoe’s capacity to absorb the shock and impact associated with gym activities. Look for gym shoes featuring ample cushioning materials such as EVA foam, gel, or air units in both the midsole and insole. Furthermore, prioritize gym shoes equipped with added padding, like tongue pads, collar pads, or heel pads, in areas that come into contact with your foot.

By paying close attention to the durability and cushioning aspects of your gym shoes, you can ensure they not only stand the test of time but also provide the necessary comfort and support required for your workout sessions.

The style and design

The fourth consideration when selecting your gym shoes revolves around personal style and design preferences, which are influenced by your individual taste and personality.

Style: Style pertains to how the gym shoe appears in terms of color, shape, and brand. You have the freedom to choose from an array of colors, ranging from classic black or white to vibrant shades like pink or green. Additionally, you can explore diverse shapes, from sleek low-tops to robust high-tops. The choices extend to brand preferences as well, from well-known names like Reebok or Nike to more niche options such as Mizuno or Ryka.

Design: Design, on the other hand, encompasses how the gym shoe functions concerning its features, technologies, and innovations. You can tailor your selection based on features like lace-up or slip-on closures, the material of the uppers (mesh or knit), and whether the insoles are removable or fixed. Technological options may include cushioning systems like Nano X2 or Wave Rider, or responsiveness systems such as Launch 8 or Slipstream. Moreover, innovative models like Powerlift 5 or Free Metcon 4 can cater to specific requirements.

Ultimately, the style and design of your gym shoes should resonate with your personal taste, allowing you to express your individuality and preferences in the gym.

The 7 best gym shoes in 2024

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to make an informed choice for your ideal gym shoes, you might be curious about the top recommendations for 2024. We’ve curated a list of the seven best gym shoes for both men and women, taking into account their exceptional quality, performance, and positive reviews.

Reebok Nano X2

One of the most popular and versatile gym shoes for both men and women is the Reebok Nano X2. This exceptional shoe is purpose-built for cross-training, making it suitable for a wide range of workout activities, spanning from weightlifting to cardio to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Here are some key features of the Reebok Nano X2:

  • Textile and Synthetic Upper: Crafted from a combination of textile and synthetic materials, this upper offers a perfect blend of breathability and durability, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and your shoes last.
  • Lace Closure with Heel Clip: The lace closure, coupled with a heel clip, provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring your foot remains firmly in place during your workouts.
  • Floatride Energy Foam Midsole: The midsole incorporates Floatride Energy Foam, delivering both cushioning and energy return to enhance your performance and comfort.
  • RopePro Outsole: The shoe’s outsole features the RopePro technology, providing exceptional traction and durability, allowing you to perform confidently on a variety of surfaces.

The Reebok Nano X2 is available in a multitude of colors and sizes, catering to various preferences, and it’s priced at around $130. You can find it on the official Reebok website or from other online retailers.

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

The Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is an excellent choice for both men and women seeking a comfortable, flexible, and responsive shoe, particularly well-suited for running workouts. Here are the key features of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25:

  • Mesh Upper: This shoe boasts a mesh upper, ensuring breathability and comfort for your feet as you run.
  • Dynamotion Fit System: The shoe is equipped with a Dynamotion Fit system that adapts to the unique contours of your foot, delivering a snug and secure fit.
  • Wave Cushioning System: The midsole incorporates the Wave cushioning system, which effectively absorbs shock, offering a high level of comfort during your runs.
  • X10 Outsole: The outsole of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 employs the X10 technology, providing impressive traction and durability on various surfaces.

Available in an array of colors and sizes, the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is priced at around $120, making it accessible to a broad range of preferences and budgets. You can find this shoe on the official Mizuno website and through various other online retailers.

Brooks Launch 8

The Brooks Launch 8 stands out as another exceptional choice for both men and women who seek a lightweight, agile, and speedy shoe, ideally suited for running workouts. Here are some of the prominent features of the Brooks Launch 8:

  • Knit Fabric Upper: The shoe boasts a knit fabric upper, ensuring a combination of breathability and comfort, keeping your feet feeling great during your runs.
  • Lace Closure with Padded Tongue and Collar: The lace closure, coupled with a padded tongue and collar, provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring your foot stays comfortably in place.
  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole: The midsole incorporates the BioMoGo DNA technology, which not only offers cushioning but also delivers impressive responsiveness for your runs.
  • Rubber Outsole with Blown Rubber Forefoot: The shoe’s rubber outsole features a blown rubber forefoot, which provides excellent traction and durability on a wide range of surfaces.

What makes the Brooks Launch 8 particularly noteworthy is its remarkable lightness. It weighs just 8.6 ounces for men’s size 9 and 7.5 ounces for women’s size 8, making it one of the lightest gym shoes available. This shoe is available in various colors and sizes and is priced at approximately $100, ensuring accessibility for a broad spectrum of preferences. You can acquire it from the official Brooks website or various other online retailers.

Ryka Myriad

The Ryka Myriad is a stylish and functional choice designed specifically for women who seek a fashionable, flexible, and supportive shoe that can accommodate various workout activities, including cardio, HIIT, and dance. Here are some of the key features of the Ryka Myriad:

  • Mesh and Synthetic Upper: The shoe incorporates a mesh and synthetic upper, combining breathability with durability to keep your feet comfortable and your shoes long-lasting.
  • Slip-On Design with Bungee Lace System: Featuring a convenient slip-on design complemented by a bungee lace system, the shoe offers a secure and snug fit, ensuring your foot remains firmly in place.
  • RE-ZORB Midsole: The midsole boasts the RE-ZORB technology, delivering cushioning and effective shock absorption, enhancing your comfort during workouts.
  • Pivot Point Outsole: The shoe’s outsole is equipped with a Pivot Point, which provides excellent traction and flexibility on diverse surfaces.

One noteworthy aspect of the Ryka Myriad is its design, created by women for women. It offers a female-specific fit and shape to cater specifically to the unique requirements of female athletes. This shoe is available in a variety of colors and sizes and is priced at around $80, making it accessible and stylish for a broad range of preferences. You can acquire it from the official Ryka website or various other online retailers.

Tiem Slipstream

The Tiem Slipstream stands out as an innovative choice suitable for both men and women who desire a sleek, comfortable, and versatile shoe capable of seamlessly transitioning from the gym to the bike to the street. Here are some of the notable features of the Tiem Slipstream:

  • Mesh and Synthetic Upper: The shoe incorporates a mesh and synthetic upper, ensuring a blend of breathability and durability, keeping your feet comfortable and your shoes long-lasting.
  • Slip-On Design with Single Strap Closure: With a convenient slip-on design complemented by a single strap closure, this shoe offers a secure and snug fit, ensuring your foot remains firmly in place.
  • EVA Foam Midsole: The midsole features EVA foam, delivering cushioning and overall comfort for your active pursuits.
  • SPD Compatible Outsole: What sets the Tiem Slipstream apart is its SPD compatible outsole, making it compatible with clip-in pedals. This feature allows for a seamless transition from the gym to the bike without the need to change your shoes.

This shoe’s ability to work with clip-in pedals is particularly noteworthy, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor activities. Available in various colors and sizes, the Tiem Slipstream is priced at around $130, making it a convenient and stylish choice. You can find it on the official Tiem website and through various other online retailers.

Adidas Powerlift 5

The Adidas Powerlift 5 stands as a premium choice for men seeking a shoe that embodies durability, stability, and formidable support, particularly tailored for tackling the most substantial weights in the gym. Here are the prominent features of the Adidas Powerlift 5:

  • Synthetic Leather Upper: The shoe boasts a synthetic leather upper, ensuring both breathability and robust durability, promising lasting comfort and longevity.
  • Lace Closure with Hook-and-Loop Strap: The combination of a lace closure and hook-and-loop strap guarantees a secure, snug fit, holding your foot in place during your most intense lifts.
  • High-Density Die-Cut Midsole Wedge: The midsole incorporates a high-density die-cut wedge, delivering exceptional stability and support to bolster your performance.
  • Rubber Outsole with Anti-Slip Pattern: The shoe’s rubber outsole is equipped with an anti-slip pattern, providing superior traction and durability on diverse surfaces.

Notably, the Adidas Powerlift 5 features a low heel height of just 0.6 inches. This design choice optimizes your contact with the ground, allowing you to generate maximum force during your weightlifting endeavors.

Available in various colors and sizes, the Adidas Powerlift 5 is priced at around $110, making it a premium yet accessible choice. You can find it on the official Adidas website and through various other online retailers.

Nike Free Metcon 4

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is a versatile choice, appealing to both men and women who seek a shoe that excels in flexibility, responsiveness, and support, making it adaptable to a wide range of workout activities, from HIIT and weightlifting to running. Here are the key features of the Nike Free Metcon 4:

  • Mesh and Synthetic Upper: This shoe boasts a mesh and synthetic upper, striking a balance between breathability and durability, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and your shoes last.
  • Flywire System: The inclusion of a Flywire system, integrated with the laces, secures a snug and secure fit, effectively wrapping your foot during your workouts.
  • Free Foam Midsole: The midsole features Free foam, which not only provides cushioning but also delivers impressive responsiveness, enhancing your performance.
  • Rubber Outsole with Multidirectional Pattern: The outsole of the shoe is equipped with a rubber material and a multidirectional pattern, ensuring reliable traction and flexibility on a variety of surfaces.

A distinctive design feature of the Nike Free Metcon 4 is the chain-link pattern on the upper, which adds not only style but also strength to the shoe’s construction.

Offered in an array of colors and sizes, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is available at a cost of approximately $120, making it a stylish and functional choice for a wide range of preferences. You can purchase it from the official Nike website and through various other online retailers.


Gym shoes, specifically designed for gym workouts, exhibit several features that distinguish them from regular footwear. These include enhanced stability, support, flexibility, responsiveness, breathability, and comfort. Utilizing gym shoes can lead to improved performance, prolonged shoe life, and an avenue for personal expression through style and design.

Selecting the ideal gym shoes for your workouts necessitates the consideration of various factors. These encompass understanding your foot type and size, evaluating the nature and intensity of your workout activities, assessing the durability and cushioning, and aligning your choice with your personal style preferences. In 2024, there are several exceptional gym shoe options available, including the Reebok Nano X2, Mizuno Wave Rider 25, Brooks Launch 8, Ryka Myriad, Tiem Slipstream, Adidas Powerlift 5, and Nike Free Metcon 4.

We trust that this article has provided valuable insights to guide you in finding the perfect pair of gym shoes for your workout endeavors. Best of luck with your fitness journey!


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions about gym shoes along with their respective answers:

Q: How often should I replace my gym shoes?

A: The frequency of replacing gym shoes can vary based on factors like workout intensity and shoe care. As a general guideline, consider replacing your gym shoes every six months or after approximately 300 miles of use. Additionally, look for signs of wear and tear, such as holes in the upper, cracks in the midsole, or diminished traction on the outsole.

Q: How should I clean my gym shoes?

A: To maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your gym shoes, follow these steps:

  1. Remove dirt and debris with a brush or cloth.
  2. Mix mild detergent with warm water in a bowl or bucket.
  3. Gently scrub your shoes with a sponge or cloth soaked in the detergent solution.
  4. Rinse your shoes with clean water and allow them to air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage materials or colors. Refrain from machine-washing or using a dryer, as these actions may lead to shrinkage or deformation.

Q: How should I store my gym shoes?

A: To properly store your gym shoes, consider these tips:

  1. Store them in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
  2. Utilize shoe trees or crumpled paper to maintain the shoe’s shape.
  3. Employ shoe bags or boxes to shield your shoes from dust or moisture. Avoid storing your gym shoes near other items or shoes with strong odors, as these odors can transfer to your shoes.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can maximize the lifespan and condition of your gym shoes.

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